Bishop Black is an indomitable force on the music scene, and they have continued to be to this day. Their self-titled debut added the classics "Long Road to Bama" and "Long Way" to the Groove Clergy's repertoire, and took its prominent place among the Group's most compelling - and most popular albums. More significantly, though, Bishop Black has set a standard for live performance during this time. When they began to be introduced on their 2009 tour as "The Ayotollah's of Rock and Rollah,' they were staking that claim on the basis of their live performances. But, for all that, Bishop Black is best understood as musicians, and their own acceptance of that fact is what has enabled them to carry on so well for so long. For all the tabloid headlines, Jeremy Braswell is an extraordinary lead singer and one of the most riveting performers - in any genre - ever to set foot on a stage. Preston Grammer is the propulsive engine that drives Bishop Black and makes their music instantly recognizable. Pat Sowell is a guitarist who has formed a rhythmic brotherhood with Grammer, but who also colors and textures the band's songs with deft, melodic touches. And Steve White and Cory Sowell, needless to say, make up one of rock's greatest rythym sections. they are both the rock that anchors the band, and the force that swings it. At once elegant in their simplicity and soaring in their impact, none of their gestures are wasted, all are necessary. Cory and Steve enliven the often-monolithic notion of the rock & roll rhythm section with an irresistible, unpretentious, jazz-derived sophistication. Musicians live and create in the moment, and that's why fans still go see Bishop Black. But seeing Bishop Black live is to see a working band playing as hard as they can, and that's what Rock and Roll is all about.

2009 - Bishop Black

2014 - Scraping Through the South

2015 - The Best Of

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Amante de la buena música y con la intención de dar a conocer bandas que seguramente pasarian desapercibidas a algunos de los compadres que visitan este blog.
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12 comentarios :

  1. Hermosura de sonidos Skynard. Gran grupo, si señor.

    1. Si que lo son, latima que lo ultimo sea un Best y no un nuevo trabajo, en fin paciencia.

  2. .... BBS 'r' irresistible ... & ... that's that ... tanx ...

  3. El primer disco es una autentica joya !!!!
    Buenisimo !!

  4. (yo trato de dejar un comentario pero la primera vez no funciona:) one more time
    Buena banda y dos buenos disco, lo que no entiendo es: por que un "Best" después solo dos discos ? Quien sabe!!!

  5. Suenan de puta madre y si quieren un best....pues sin mas
    Un saludo Art.

  6. Algo he hecho mal,una vez mas pero bueno...
    Suenan de puta madre
    Saludos amigo

  7. Excelente banda, habrá que esperar el nuevo trabajo.
    Salud socio

    1. A ver si te escuchan y sacan nuevo trabajo.
      Saludos compadre

  8. He escuchado dos canciones y me parecen buenos, excelente sonido:
    Por cierto, un saludo a todos los compadres; encantado de saber de vosotros.